Save A Life

On #Giving Tuesday PAWS is on a mission to save 1000 lives – 1 pet at a time! And you can help!

The average cost to care for one cat or dog at PAWS is $558. To date in 2014 we have adopted 490 animals at a cost of $273,420. Our goal for 2015 is to adopt 1000 dogs and cats.

We challenge you to save an animal’s life by raising $558 for PAWS and, we’re making it easy!i saved a life tshirt

Make your donation to PAWS via the “I Saved A Life” campaign at You can do it as an individual, as a team, as a business or…any crazy way you can think of raising $558. We challenge you to figure out how you can save an animals life!!!

Each time you raise $558 to save a life, you’ll receive your very own “i saved a LIFE” t-shirt. Save a life Now

Want to help save lives but don’t have the opportunity to raise $558? Start a team or join a PAWS Cat or Dog team and help save a life!

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