Volunteer Uses Brush To Save Cat’s Life

The Patron Saint of Animals was clearly watching out for 14-year old Madeline and her sister, 5-year old Molly. Their owner had just died and Madeline was grieving badly. She wouldn’t eat and her thin body was growing weak and shutting down.

Then a miracle happened. Volunteer Karen Denis found a cat brush, sat on the floor and began to gently brush. We could feel the tender love Ms. Karen showed these girls and, with each brush stroke, Madeline seemed to feel it too. In a matter of days she went from starving herself to eating regularly.

By being part of this organization, volunteers like Ms. Karen and you bring animals back from the brink. Today, Madeline is alive, eating, and learning to love again. She’s going to be just fine.

There are more Madelines out there. More animals who think it’s all over. Together, imagine how much more we can do!

To volunteer call 504-392-1501. Learn more about being a PAWS volunteer at paws4life.org.