Cat Cares For Motherless Kittens

When Jaime Eschette and her family began fostering unweaned kittens for PAWS, she had no idea that her own rescued cat, Grimlin, would want in on the gig.

“Being a foster family means a lot to us,” says Jaime who has fostered dozens of unweaned kittens. “Our goal is to make sure that each of these babies experiences unconditional love during their time in our home. We had no idea that our goal would also be Grimlin’s,” she added.

A natural nurturer, Grimlin creates a warm, inviting place to snuggle and teaches his never-ending brood how to clean and care for themselves like only another cat could. Passing his fatherly love on to litter after litter of tiny kittens.

The Eschette’s began fostering Grimlin when he too was just a baby. Born in a barn, Grimlin came to them with a severe upper respiratory infection. He was just a few weeks old and his eyes were so impacted with infection that they were sealed shut.

While the Eschette’s nursed Grimlin back to health in hopes of finding him a new family, they were surprised that every potential adopter overlooked him because of his upper respiratory issues. “Now that Grimlin is a permanent member of our family,” says Jaime, “it’s a joy to see him play such an important role in providing unconditional love to these tiny kittens. He knows all to well what it’s like to be motherless.”

Kitten season brings dozens of motherless kittens to PAWS each year. Many of them, like Grimlin, are too young to feed or clean themselves. It takes volunteers like the Eschette’s to provide the unconditional love required to give them their best chance at a long life. Become a foster parent. Together, imagine how much more we can do!

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