Cajun Luck

Call it Cajun luck. Call it Divine Intervention. Whatever you call it, she’s safe. Of all the places this stray kitty could have landed, she found PAWS.

Gorgeous, goofy, loving and full of life – that’s 2 1/2-year old Cheeseball. Did we mention that she has Feline Down Syndrome. She didn’t notice and we don’t think it matters either. As a no-kill shelter, we make no exceptions with Cheeseball. When she arrived at PAWS at just 3-months old, we knew that her life was just as important as all of the other kitties.

While there are dozen’s of reasons potential adopters may want to look the other way, we know that she’s just plain impossible to overlook! Cheeseball’s forever family will clearly recognize just one of the reasons why they cannot wait to adopt her…LOVE. She exudes it!!!

Because of incredible people like you, Cheeseball has a temporary home. Help us find that incredible family willing to LOVE her back – for the rest of her life.

Together, imagine how much more we can do!


See Cheeseball’s profile on the Adopt page and watch the video below to see her enjoy time in the kitten room at PAWS.