PAWS No-Kill Mission Saves Cat Hit By Car

Tre seems to capture the heart of everyone he meets with his happy and purr-infested disposition. Maybe that’s how he miraculously survived an accident that could easily have ended his young life.

Though seven-month old Tre was likely hit by a car, no one knows for sure if he made his own way onto the highway or if he was thrown from a vehicle. Looking at Tre’s legs, it’s pretty hard to imagine how he survived. Somehow, even though several days had passed since the accident, Tre did exactly that. But it would take a concerned parish resident to help get him to PAWS so that his healing could begin.

When the injured Tre arrived at PAWS, the veterinary team cleaned his wounds and gave him some medication to ease the pain. His legs were bandaged in special, tissue-healing material and purple wrap. While he looked handsome sporting his new purple “pants”, no one knew for sure if his severe, deep-tissue injuries would heal or if either leg could be saved.

“As a no-kill rescue, we’re committed to making sure every animal has the chance for a long life. We know that Tre’s life can be saved with this surgery,” says PAWS Executive Director Thaddeus Sunmoni. “We’re committed to finding a way to make it happen,” he adds

The progress in Tre’s healing over just one week is remarkable. While the bones in one leg are too badly crushed to save it, the skin is growing back over the deep-tissue wounds and the medical team is confident that he will make a complete recovery – albeit shy of one leg.

It’s clear that Tre wants to chase a cat toy around now. We doubt that will change – even after the upcoming amputation of his back leg. Like most cats, learning quickly how to stand, run and chase a toy, even with one less leg, is natural. Tre will be no exception.

“He will wobble a little at first, but knowing Tre, he isn’t going to let anything get in the way of having fun. In no time he will be a typical teen kitten, running around and trying to play with everything,” says Thaddeus.

In total, Tre’s surgery and medical treatment will cost upwards of $500. It’s a steep price and, with the help of people like you who think his life is important, he’ll be fine. Because of you, we’re helping animals survive horrible tragedies.

Together, imagine how much more we can do!

Make a one time or recurring online donation or mail a check to PAWS at 455 F. Edward Hebert Blvd, Belle Chasse, LA 70037.