2016 In Review

Below are just some of the ways that – because of you – PAWS has helped animals in our community.

THANK YOU for saving lives, healing the sick and caring about abandoned and stray animals! Together, look at how much we have done!
  • In January, PAWS took over Parish Animal Control operations turning the entire Parish no-kill.
  • We expanded the Community Wellness Clinic by adding low-cost spay/neuter services to all.
  • Rather than euthanize dozens of animals with severe medical conditions, PAWS found low-cost resources for surgery including Dr. Sue Olivier who reattached the nose of a kitten that had been caught in a car engine.
  • Obtained a $2500 cruelty reward from the HSUS to find the people responsible for the starvation abuse of Nae-Nae and Lady Kae.
  • Saved the lives of 1160 dogs/cats.
  • Adopted a record number of cats 680.
  • Saved 93 cats and 48 dogs by transporting them to other states for adoption.

We are grateful to all who have helped make these and every other PAWS 2016 accomplishments possible!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

PS: You can be part of the 2017 success stories by donating $19 a month.

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