Support Available to Fix Feral Cats for Free

PCAT Helps Residents Trap And Transport Cats

Spring is the time when community (feral) cats begin reproducing at an incredible rate. This unnecessary overpopulation causes hundreds of kittens to die painful deaths from sickness, predators and starvation. Those that don’t die start having young of their own within six months of birth. It is not unusual for PAWS to see 2-3 litters of kittens come in per week between now and late October.

Thanks to a grant from national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society, PAWS is providing FREE SPAY/NEUTER services on community cats to Plaquemines Parish residents.

Through the program, PAWS will sterilize and rabies vaccinate free-roaming, unowned cats. This free program is open to community cats in Plaquemines Parish only and requires that all cats fixed through the program are “ear-tipped”, the universal sign that a cat has been spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

PAWS partner, Plaquemines Cat Action Team (PCAT) will help residents in need with renting traps, trapping assistance and/or transportation of cats to/from PAWS.

Get on the List for PCAT Support

PCAT is providing support services in the order they receive the request. To work with PCAT, call one of the numbers below to have your name added to the list. At the time of the call, tell us the specific services you need: trap rentals, trapping assistance and/or transportation to/from the appointment. Once on the list, the current wait time is approximately three weeks.

Call for PCAT Support

PAWS: 504-392-1601
Plaquemines Health Department: 504-934-6690
Robert Sanders (PCAT): 504-373-1494
Ramona Sanders (PCAT): 504-606-3116

Coordinate a Spay/Neuter Surgery Directly with PAWS

  1. Call PAWS at 504-392-1601 to schedule an appointment to get the cat fixed.
  2. Schedule when you will trap the cat with the date of your PAWS appointment so that the cat is caught the night before the appointment. (Do not feed the cat once trapped.)
  3. Bring the cat in the trap to PAWS at the scheduled time to be fixed.
  4. Pick the cat up from PAWS at the scheduled time.
  5. Release the cat back into the colony where it was originally trapped.

PCAT’s Impact on Parish Community Cats: Since 2005, the all-volunteer Plaquemines Cat Action Team (PCAT) has been driven to help the feral cat populations across all of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. With an average population of just 28 people per square mile, the community (feral) cat population is enormous.

In February, 2014 PCAT developed a partnership with Plaquemines Parish Animal Control (PPAC) and was granted full access to pull all feral cats and kittens picked up by or dropped off to PPAC. The animals are examined by a vet, fixed, ear tipped and, given a rabies vaccine before being released back into a colony. Since that time, not one healthy feral cat/kitten has been euthanized at animal control.

Over the past ten years, PCAT has provided Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) services for approximately 3,000 cats and kittens in the Parish.