We were at “cat”pacity, but now, They’re Outta Here!



It’s not very often that we are able to get a transport for cats. In fact, it’s been well over a year since our last one and now we’re at “cat”pacity!

A “transport” is when one shelter or rescue group pairs up with another in an effort to move animals who may have a difficult time getting adopted out of one facility, into another that may offer a better shot at a forever home. Being a no-kill shelter, these transports are a must. Because we don’t euthanize for space, we are at or over capacity at all times, simply accumulating stray and surrendered pets.

Another reason transports are ideal – it’s geographical! In the south, our shelters fill up quickly, especially with cats. Our weather is different; our seasons are either meshed together all in one week, or skipped over completely! We typically have more warm weather than anything else, thus extending “kitten season”. In other parts of the country, seasons are more defined and shelters are sometimes empty. Often times, these facilities are kind enough to take in animals via transport from other shelters throughout the country.

At the moment we have nearly 200 cats, and with kitten season right around the corner, that number will rise drastically by the day (which is why it’s SO very important to get your owned and neighborhood cats spayed/neutered). Thanks to the Atlanta Humane Society, we were able to transport 20 cats out of our shelter and into theirs in hopes of giving each and every one of them a chance at finding their “purrr-fect” family.

If you’re part of an organization, or have any helpful information on transports, please contact Jordan@paws4life.org