Plaquemines Parish Support

A Letter from the Office of Economic Development & Tourism.

The fine work that the PAWS organization, and its volunteers, performs for the community goes far beyond finding pets loving homes. The pets they place in homes in our communities become more then just a best friend; they become members of the Plaquemines family.

As we have seen in Hurricane Katrina and more recently in Isaac, the bond of unconditional love and devotion for pet and owner can stand the most trying situations. For many, the thought of leaving their pets was unimaginable. Unfortunately some owners had to come to terms with missing pets after the storms. PAWS and Plaquemines Parish Government worked together to find lost and in need animals after the storms. In many cases lost animals could be reunited with their families. But for those not so lucky, PAWS does the service of looking for new loving homes for these animals.

If a society is measured by the way it treats its weakest members then PAWS, the Parish’s only “no kill” animal shelter, does Plaquemines proud. PAWS is a non-profit which works tirelessly in the Plaquemines community for animal welfare. For this reason the Plaquemines Parish Department of Economic Development & Tourism is pleased to help with this worthy cause that supports finding animals in our community their forever home.

For Just 50 cents a day, you can help PAWS help homeless and abused animals – DONATE TODAY